APA Services

EDS provides special close protection teams to pick up and deliver to the boat. Threat assessment and insurance all inclusive in fees. We guarantee flexible and fast immediate delivery.

We also offer a Secure Courier Service for tasks such as last minute pickups of equipment and after-hours or urgent chauffeur services.

Pasarelle Security

During an on-board function EDS will take the pressure off the captain and crew by screening guests, controlling numbers of people on board the yacht during a function. We will ensure the safety of guests, secure surrounding areas near the vessel, to minimise the risk of theft, damage and accidental injury.

Special Services and Solutions

EDS will respond to calls from Captains to deal with suspicious occurrences or to assist in handling delicate situations involving crew or guests.

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EDS has worked for a number of years with the major yacht management companies on the French Riviera including Corsica and the UK. We are also often in Spain and, in the off season, the Caribbean in the regions of St Martin & St Barts providing security services.

Our partners in the yachting industry include: Burgess Yachts, Hill Robinson Yachts, Camper Nicholsons, and Peter Insalls Yacht Marketing.


Analysis of successful attacks indicates that the following common vulnerabilities are exploited by the pirates:

  1. Low speed
  2. Low freeboard
  3. Inadequate planning and procedures
  4. Visibly low state of alert and/or evident self protective measures
  5. Where a slow response by the ship is evident
  6. Commonly two or more small high speed (up to 25 knots) open boats/ “skiffs” are used in attacks often approaching from the port quarter and/or stern.

The use of a pirate “mother ship”, which is a larger ship carrying personnel, equipment and smaller assault craft, has enabled the attacks to be successfully undertaken at a greater range from the shore.

Vigilance should be highest at first light and last light, as the majority of the attacks have taken place during these periods.

To date no successful attacks have occurred on ships at 15 knots or more. The majority of attempted hijacks have been repelled by ship’s crew who have planned and trained in advance of the passage and employed passive counter measures to good effect.

Anti-piracy Training

EDS has anti-piracy experience and offers training & consultancy for captains and crew. Training in anti-piracy procedures and measures with EDS will greatly enhance crew awareness and skills thereby increasing the likelihood of repelling or better still avoiding being boarded by intruders.
EDS provides training including:

  1. General planning
  2. Best Management practices
  3. On-board procedures
  4. Risk assessment
  5. Tracking & information transmission
  6. Contingency planning
  7. Anti-piracy drills
  8. Awareness and watch improvement
  9. Detection equipment such as night-vision & thermal imaging
  10. Post boarding practices and military action
  11. Self defence