Executive Decision Services provide SIA training and consultancy specializing in preparing our customers for careers in the private security industry. You will be trained by a some of the finest instructors in this business who has served in a Special Forces unit, military operations worldwide and now in the private security sector providing security for individuals at risk due to special characteristics of their lifestyle, careers, including foreign royalty, X world leaders, military generals, diplomats, high net worth individuals, CEO’s of 500 Fortune, AAA ranking actors and actresses, the world’s top music artists, West Africa operations, providing risk assessments for exporters/buyers.

EDS team trainers come from a specialist background and bring together a wealth of knowledge, expertise and practical experience in all aspects of the security industry, to ensure you are well prepared for your chosen career.
As the security industry grows EDS are committed to delivering the best training in order for our customers to secure a great job. We consistently review, develop and improve our training programs in order to cater for changes within the development of the Security Industry Authority. All our courses are carefully monitored to ensure quality assurance in relation to maintaining reputation and high standards.

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1)    All of our close protection instructors are former members of the Army Ranger Wing and Special Forces Units.

2)   We have an established our reputation in the business of Close Protection.

3)  You will receive professional and realistic instruction.

4)   Our training facilities are ideal for exercises and practical training outcomes.

5)    Some of our Instructors are working in the business over 20yrs.

6)     Those of you who pass the Highfield exam can apply for the British SIA Licence.


The courses will last fifteen days with early starts and late finishes with over 200 hundred hours of instruction.

The joining instructions below will give you an idea of what will be required before, during and whilst on the course, should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

This course is run to Highfield Standards and above with over 150 hours of instruction.

Course Dates: 28TH April TO 12TH May 2014.

Each day we will appoint a class leader. The class leader will be responsible for making sure that personnel are on time for lessons. We expect proper adult behaviour from students, misconduct will not be tolerated.

Subjects Covered

1. Introduction to the roles and responsibilities of the close protection operative

2. Threat and risk assessment

3. Surveillance awareness

4. Operational planning

5. Conflict Management

6. Interpersonal skills

7. Physical Intervention

8. Close protection Team Work

9. Walking Drills

10. Route selection

11. Use of close protection vehicle techniques

12. Search awareness

13. Incidents and dilemmas

14. Venue based security

15. Communication and conflict management skills

16. Vehicle Dynamics

17. Trauma Medical Training

18. Reaction to attack

Required Items

  • · Driving license (Full)
  • · Car insurance (Comprehensive for duration of the course)
  • · Bring your passport if you have one
  • · Agree to complete a vetting application
  • · A doctor’s certificate of fitness to attend as there will be some physical activity, such as reaction to attack drills and breakaway techniques


  • · Gym Gear and runners (gym facilities are available)
  • · Boots
  • · Black shoes, lace up, rubber sole
  • · Dark cross trainers or dark outdoor shoes (if you have them)
  • · Old jeans or combat trousers and old jacket
  • · Wet weather jacket, dark, low key
  • · Black or navy polo shirts x 3-4 (no logos)
  • · Combat trousers x 2
  • · Chinos or slacks x 2
  • · Blue shirt (or close enough) x 2
  • · White shirt
  • · Dark suit, does not need to be top of the range
  • · Low key tie’s (not black)
  • · Polish and brushes
  • · Black or navy socks
  • · Black belt, low key, suitable for wearing with a suit
  • · Civilian wear for after hours


  • · Lap top- highly recommended
  • · Mobile internet connection (if you have one)
  • · Digital camera (good phone camera will do)
  • · Mobile phone (with credit)
  • · Large memory stick
  • · 4 Passport Photos, (to be taken in shirt and tie)
  • · Folder to hold, pens, notebook, other documentation
  • · Students need to bring their own earpiece suitable for a 2 pin Motorola radio, CP040.

Amazon UK seller Communicate Mobile provides a suitable model at a reasonable price of

£9:95. Search “covert earpiece” on

Please Note

Physical activity will be involved in this course. All students are asked to visit their local doctor before they pay a deposit and submit a doctor’s note signed (Fit for Close Protection Course). We will then accept a deposit and secure your place. (Please keep this in mind)

If you have any concerns in relation to your health and fitness in participating on this course please contact us at the above number.

Fire Arms Training

Firearms training in Close Protection will not be included in this course for safety reasons. UK legislation as regards to weapon training and the carrying of weapons is restricted and governed by law however we have a bolt on course that will allow EDS to take courses to Mexico, Prague and south of France. Here we can train personnel properly in real live practices (Totally Controlled in a safe environment). This course will be 7 days long including flights and accommodation.



Gabriel Fitzgerald

Director of Training