Safeguarding individuals who face above-average personal risk.

Executive Decision Services provides an essential service that ensures the wellbeing of individuals due to their high positions in business, government or the special characteristics of their family profile.

Part of our service is to provide the all-important risk assessment, on which any intelligent protection program must be based. We work to a vital framework for reducing the risks of intention or unintentional injury.

The Company was founded in 1990 in the UK  and moved to France in 2005. Our security operatives come from former elite European counter terrorist units like the Irish ARW Counter Terrorist Units, National Gendarmerie- French GIGN, National Police (RAID), the Diplomatic Police (GAHP), SPHP, British SAS and SBS. Each is vetted before gaining a position with us on their skills and abilities in facing challenges and implementing planning, threat analysis, advance work, protection driving, counter surveillance, site and conference security, bomb threats and devices, communications, and paramedicine. Ongoing training in the latest close protection techniques is compulsory and ensures their professionalism to work for our clients’ security to the highest standard.

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We are members of ASIS and licensed to operate through the Authorities in France and Monaco. We offer close personal protection services in Europe (France – French / Italian Riviera & UK), the USA, and Africa. Due to data protection and the tight security that we run we cannot list the private individuals who use our services.

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